After the primary biologic treatment waste water/sludge gets loaded into our system with any percentage of DS (dry solid), then processed through our equipment.

The Newlisi Zero Sludge technology consists of 6 stages; it is a wet chemical process. In the first stage the organic carbon of the sludge is “attacked” and oxygenation results in a significant component (about 40%) becoming CO2. Subsequently the organic residue is transformed into oligosaccharides, peptones and free amino acids that are fully biodegradable. The output is a liquid named “eluato.” It is recycled in the system or directly fed, with waste water, into the primary biological tank at the beginning of the purification process. Eluato does not affect the characteristic of the biomass but it is perfectly suited for it. The small quantity of solid (inerts or metals) extract from the system  will comply with the legislation that regulates solid waste components as per D.Lgs.99/92 All. 1A, 1B– D.M.A. 5.2.98 – D.M. 186/06.
If anaerobic digestion is present (BIOLAS) eluato is representing a very good ingredient to increase exponetially the biogas performances.